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New Digital Service: Newsbank

December 04, 2017

Beginning in December, the Library will offering access to Newsbank. This new digital service provides full-text articles from the Boston Herald and Patriot Ledger digital archives. Newsbank also offers access to other smaller Massachusetts newspapers, as well as access to more regional papers, including the Hartford Courant and the Providence Journal.

The Newsbank collection should complement the digital access to the Boston Globe archives already available at the Library.

If you have questions about Newsbank, you can contact our Reference staff at

To try it out for yourself, click this link.


  • Michael Palmer12/5/2017 at 12:02pm

    Good move.
    Would also like to know if Milton will
    be adding Kanopy.
    Quincy has it but you must be a resident

    • Will Adamczyk12/5/2017 at 12:20pm

      Mr. Palmer. Thank you for your message. The Library is always reviewing new digital services that we may be able to offer. We try to balance out the different services we start; offering streaming music and video, new eBook collections, language learning, and now a newspaper archive. Kanopy is one of the services that we have reviewed and that we are considering to add to our collection. Thank you again for you message. Best, Will Adamczyk, Library Director

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