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Need help with your science fair project?

February 03, 2016 | Jessie Doe

Science fair season is upon us… and at the Milton Public Library we are seeing droves of students seeking information to help with their fair projects. While we’ve got tons of books on every science-related subject you can think of (planets! the human body! hydrology! simple machines!), we’ve got an online resource you can use that I think you’re going to get really excited about…


ScienceFlix is a digital science encyclopedia published by the fine folks at Scholastic for kids in grades 4-9. Through video clips, articles, related websites, and so much more, you can learn about all of your favorite science topics, get ideas for science fair projects, learn about future careers you might like to pursue, and so much more.

If you’re not quite ready for ScienceFlix, we do have other options. Kids in grades K-3 might like to check out…


World Book Online for Kids is another online resource that the Library subscribes to on behalf of Milton kids. It’s an encyclopedia chock full of information on every subject you can think of, including ideas for science fair projects!

What do you need to access these awesome resources? A Milton library card is all it takes.

How do you start using these resources right now? Visit the Children’s page of our website, click on the Cool Tools box, and choose the tool that’s best for you.

Good luck, Scientists!



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