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This Saturday 10/17: Makey Makey Inventor’s Workshop

October 13, 2015

Have you ever played music with bananas? Made a computer game controller out of a pencil and Playdoh? It can indeed be done, using a super-cool type of computer technology called the Makey Makey. This Saturday from 2:30-4pm, the Rhode Island Computer Museum is going to visit the Milton Public Library and show us how to use it ourselves!

In this workshop, kids in grades 3-6 will learn how to use everyday items and the “Makey Makey” to complete an electronic circuit in order to control computer programs. The “Makey Makey” (, invented by graduate students at MIT, is a small circuit board that connects to a computer and lets you invent your own keyboard with anything that conducts electricity. Various conductive materials will be provided to get everyone started, but kids are encouraged to bring their own. Things that would conduct electricity well: fruit, green leaves, flowers, soda cans, metal bottle caps.  Parents are encouraged to attend the workshop with their children. They’ll have lots of fun too!

Still not sure what I’m talking about? Watch this Youtube video and see the Makey Makey in action:

Registration for this don’t-miss program is required, is open now, and is limited to 15 inventors, so sign up now by clicking HERE!. We are so grateful to the Friends of the Milton Public Library for enabling us to offer cool programs like this one.

See you Saturday!



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