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Iran – Persian Glory and Islamic Revolution/Virtual

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

World traveller Barry Pell will give a talk this evening about the history, people and culture of the country of Iran.  With a history dating back 2,500 years, the Persian Empire was the largest of ancient times, extending from Central Asia to North Africa. The legacy of this power and wealth is manifest in the stunning tiled architecture of mosques and secular mansions, the distinctively spiced cuisine, the arts and crafts including arguably the world’s most beautiful rugs, and the diverse people who comprised the Empire as invaders or subjects.  Iran’s recent history is marked by religious rule following the 1979 Islamic revolution.  Barry Pell traveled nearly 4,000 miles through the country’s magnificent landscape, visiting historic cities and monuments, and meeting with Iranian people who openly shared opinions about their lives and relations with America.  This program will be accompanied by Mr. Pell’s photography.

Barry Pell is a world traveller and photojournalist.  He has traveled widely over five decades, visiting and documenting landscapes and cultures in nearly 170 countries on all continents.  Mr. Pell has also lived and traveled in China, Eastern Europe, North Africa, and South America.  He currently lectures on international cultures at schools, universities and institutions in the Boston area.

Advance registration is required to attend this program, so please sign up here and you will receive the Zoom on the day of the talk.  This event is kindly sponsored by the Friends of the Milton Public Library and is free and open to all.  We hope you might join us for a fascinating program!

For questions Email or call the Reference Dept. at (617) 898-4964.

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Photo Persian girl