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Wotiz Gallery December Art Exhibit with Jed Sutter

Sunday, December 31, 2023
TIME: LOCATION: Wotiz Gallery CONTACT: Jean Hlady, 617.698.5757

Milton artist Jed Sutter will install a nice exhibit in our Wotiz Gallery this month, to be shown from 11/1 through 11/30.  This display will include trolley paintings, some pieces describing the Eustis Estate’s special characteristics and more.

Mr. Sutter grew up on the Maine Coast in the 1960s and 1970s. He came to Massachusetts after college and many years later, he started painting.  He paints in a representational style, between realism and impressionism.  He has worked in acrylics, gouache, watercolor and oils.  He is drawn to the seashore; to reflections in glass, water, etc., to urban landscapes, to bridges, and especially to the MBTA trolley cars that rumble behind his house in Milton..  Jed’s work is held in private collections, has won awards in three mediums, and has shown in numerous juried art shows and in galleries in Massachusetts and Maine.  His work is on display at the Wright Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine, and at The Switch Co-op in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.  Jed does original paintings and accepts commissions for personalized work.

This is what he says about his artwork:  I am a self-taught realist painter working most frequently in acrylics but also in watercolor, gouache, and oil. A favorite subject of mine is the neighborhood trolley that runs behind my house on its way between Mattapan Square and Ashmont Station.   I love the shape, classic lines and how it interacts with its environment.  As much as the MBTA labors to maintain it, the trolley’s days are numbered and I feel a tug to paint it each time I hear it rumble to a stop.  Next, I’ve been quite taken by one of Milton’s hidden gems, the Eustis Estate.  I attended a paint-out there in 2022 and grew more and more interested in large and small details that make it so unique.  I’ve gone through the house and around the grounds and have painted this detail and that – small bites of a great feast.  Last, I take the opportunity in this show to share some of my views of Milton, Boston and beyond.  Not the usual postcard view, but the ones that give me a sense of place.  I hope you enjoy my work which can be seen also at the Switch Co-op in Hyde Park and at the Wright Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine.”   

There will be a free and open reception held in the Wotiz Gallery on Monday, 11/20, from 6-8 PM and everyone is invited to come meet the artist.  We hope you might join us at the MPL this month to view some lovely art!

Trolley by Artist Jed Sutter