Milton Reads

Milton Reads

Milton Reads 2018

Milton Reads, the town-wide shared reading experience and programs, has become a much-anticipated season here in town, and our library is already planning for Milton Reads 2018, which will take place in March 2018.

The Milton Library solicited ideas from the public via on-site and online submissions. “So many folks have submitted exciting suggestions,” exclaims Library Director Will Adamczyk, “and we are closely exploring every title.”

After Milton Reads 2017, an online survey gathered suggestions for improvements and changes, and these have become criteria for selecting next year’s book. “We are working to reach an even broader audience, by age and gender,” explains Frank Schroth, former Library Trustee and founder of Milton Reads. “And everybody wants Trivia Night back in full, and that will happen for sure,” adds Adamczyk.

The Milton Reads committee has narrowed its list to fifty-two titles, fiction and nonfiction, new and established authors, classics and best-sellers, through which they are slogging to come up with a short list. During the summer, they each read dozens of books, applying selection criteria to identify what would be worthwhile reading as well as exciting, fun, and illuminating programming. “The committee’s massive reading undertaking is both enviable and overwhelming,” says Connie Spiros of the Friends of the Milton Library, which sponsors the Milton Reads events. “Our committee members stretch themselves to read things far outside of their normal reading habits.”

Over the summer the Milton Reads Committee will narrow their list to about five finalists, which will be given to the public in the fall to choose our Milton Reads 2018 selection.

For information about Milton Reads, or to join the Milton Reads committee, please contact

About Milton Reads

Milton Reads is an annual program offered by the Library and sponsored by the Friends of the Library to promote a community conversation around a shared reading experience.

Milton Reads includes books discussions, lectures, movies and other programs. Beginning in 2015, Milton Reads has been held during the month of March.

Beginning in 2016, the Milton Reads book has been chosen by the community. The Milton Reads committee chooses a short list of titles, using suggestions from the public, and puts the finalists up to a vote.

Previous Titles

  • 2017 – Agent Zigzag
  • 2016 – Dead Wake
  • 2015 – The Boys in the Boat
  • 2014 – Sherlock Holmes
  • 2013 – The Gardner Heist
  • 2012 – To Kill A Mockingbird

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