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The Library at your doorstep!

Being stuck at home without a good book is every avid reader’s fear.

For someone recovering from an illness or injury, or for the elderly, that fear is too easily realized. Luckily, the Milton Public Library, the Friends of the Milton Public Library, and the Milton Council on Aging work together to make sure that homebound readers will still have access to the library.

Our Library at Your Doorstep¬†program can help you get the books you want to read. After asking participants in the program a few questions about their reading interests, a librarian will select books, magazines or other library materials for each reader in the program. Volunteers from the Friends’ group will deliver books to members of program every two weeks, dropping off new books and picking up old books. Volunteers are already delivering books to individuals and retirement communities.

If you, or someone you know, would like to start receiving a personalized delivery from the library, please contact Jean Hlady at (617) 698-4958.

Museum Passes

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