Library Trust Funds

The Board of Library Trustees are responsible for a number of different trust funds. These funds have been left to the Milton Public Library, under the guidance of the Trustees. Many of these funds were left for specific purposes (i.e. to purchase history books; to enhance the art collection; for future building needs) and with specific conditions, such as only using the interest earned from year to year.


The Trustees use these funds to help expand and enhance library services in the Town of Milton. Over the past several years, the Trustees have expended almost $60,000 from these funds to improve our Library.


Please see this list for a summary of trust fund usage for the past three years.

The Library is governed by a board of nine elected Trustees. Their duties are to set library policies, approve expenditures, set goals and objectives, and to be a contact point for the public at large. Terms are three years with three members up for election each year.

The Trustees usually meet on the second Monday of the month. Meetings are usually held in the Trustees Room at 7:00 pm and are open to the public.

Chair: Paul Hays, serving through 2024
Secretary:  James Potter, serving through 2025
Treasurer:  Philip Driscoll, serving through 2024

Hyacinth Crichlow, serving through 2025

John Folcarelli, serving through 2023
Kristine Hodlin, serving through 2023
Jaime Levash, serving through 2024
Sindu Meier, serving through 2023

Michael Musto, serving through 2025


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