The Children’s Room at the Milton Public Library serves kids from birth through age 12, and the adults who love them.

We are thrilled to offer families a large selection of physical materials, online research tools geared just for children, and a wide range of fun programming for all ages – all for free!

Kids are eligible to receive a Milton Public Library card when they reach age five. Come visit the Milton Public Library Children’s Room and discover all of the adventures a library card can unlock for you!

Do you homeschool your children? If so, please check out our libguide: Learning from Home, which contains lots of information that may be helpful to you.

Would you like to learn more about the Milton Public Library before you visit us for the first time?

  • Please feel free to read our book, This Is My Library.
  • Watch this video to learn about the many things you can do when you visit the Children’s Room.
  • Or meet our Children’s Room mascot, Buddy! He’s a very busy bear.


The Milton Public Library offers lots of fun and free programs for kids ages 0-11!

All of our programming is currently online only. We have no in person events.

In addition to our ongoing reading programs, the Children’s Room offers children’s programming almost every single day. Check out our calendar to see what’s coming up next.

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The Friends of MPL Bookshop

If you want a book that you can take home forever (without worrying about the late fee!), be sure to check out the Milton Public Library bookshop! We have books to suit every reading level and genre preference.

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